Shaman songs from Korea


Shaman songs from Korea

23.11.2013 at 04.00 pm

Sacred Music & Dance Festival in WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Berlin

Singer:  Soogi Kang (Theater Salpuri)

The lively practice of shamanism in South Korea today has a considerable influence on modern Korean society .
Shamans (mostly femal shamans, called MUDANG) still preserve their spiritual authority as the oldest spiritual- religious force that has outlasted all other cultural and religious overgrowths .
Life is hard enough, so the shamans give their community and public with a plenty of diverse theatrical-performative elements relaxation, joy and harmony, as well as courage, serenity and wisdom for everyday life.

Binari - in Dsa Dsin-Mori rhythm
An invocation of the gods of good fortune and prosperity, and a petition to long life - in three sections : 1. Invocation of the gods 2. Salpuri (request for resolution of all evil), 3. Blessings and congratulations to all the community.
"Oh, everybody listen to ! When the universe opened up and the heavens and the earth were born, people prayed for happiness and peace and built the palace for the king in Hanyang from sessile tribes and so was the Lee Dynasty."

AEG Maeg I TA Ryeong - in Dsa dsin-mori rhythm
Aeg-Maeg is called a ritual that is celebrated at the new year day as a protection against disease, misfortune and evil. Aeg-Maeg-I also means "to protect home from negative influences", and therefore is also sung in ceremonies when moving into a new house.

SEONG-DSU-PURI - in Kut-geo-ri rhythm
The song comes from the Seong Dsu Kut ritual and is a glorification of Seong- Dsu ( the prince ), the patron deity of the house, as well as all benevolent gods of the underworld .

ONG-HE-JA - in Hui-mo-ri rhythm
Singing about the fertility of humans and the earth and the request for good harvest.
Often this song finishes a ritual and all the public is singing together.

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