Dripping Silence

... a meditative performance and installation, in-door | out-door

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I   h e a r   t h e   w a t e r   d r e a m i n g  . . .


Directed by Dietmar Lenz
Costumes Yoshio Yabara
Sound Collage Theater Salpuri 
Fotos  Francisco Conde 1.5.6b.7. 
  Frank Kirchner 2.6a+c.9.10.
  Christiane Schröder 3.5. 
  Theater Salpuri 4.8. 


Performers in white costumes are installing more than seventy blue vessels on white circles and pour water from one to the other. The spectator walking through this installation-landscape of ceramics_water_sound meets the power of the element water and its thousand voices.
"... like that flowing water garden, inhabited by innumerable desires for delight and thousands of games of sunlight in water." Clarice Lispector, AQUA VIVA



"... Silence ... dripping water - landscapes" -

Moments of open wideness, 
the flowing spirit empties like water into the bowl.

Fluxus -
Voices of water,
Invite you to flow, to dream,
To drift into turmoil, navigating, centering.
Devoted to streams, undulations, convolutions, r-evolutions.
Liquefying meanings, always circulating,
Pull you into depths, throw you to the shore, 
Supporte you, wash you, deterritorializing.
And they escape in an instant.

Giving yourself, gliding into the sounds of water,
Into space,
Into the In-between
At a moment of concentrated being,
In silence - in movement,
Your senses will unveil, expose
City and Man,
Ambience - Theater.