Laughing WInd

Parade, Performance, Walk Act, Improvisation, in-door | out-door


Laughing Wind ... as a PARADE / WALK ACT in public spaces... these are fantastic pictorial flowing silk wind figures, which open for the spectator windows into a world of surprises.


Director Dietmar Lenz
SilkWindFigures concept Annette Bätz, Soogi Kang, Dietmar Lenz
SilkWindFigures construction Annette Bätz
Costumes Annette Bätz
Performer 5 - 7
 Fotos Theater Salpuri 1.-10.


"This is abstract painting in motion."
Today´s News, Gwacheon City, Korea
"Like in fairy tales and child fantasies spaces, times, thoughts and feelings are mixed."
Die Berliner Morgenpost