ANTIGONE ... the social impact of theatre


Photos: Holger Rudolph


by Sophokles

Wednesday -   28.06.2017, 10:3o am

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Friday        -    30.06.2017, 10:3o am
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BÜRGERHAUS am Schlaatz / Schilfhof 28 / 14478 Potsdam

Theater is ...
In ancient Greek tragedy man comes out of the myth on a stage
and finds a voice that relates him to his myths, his own
feelings, thought- and faith world. In this 6 month theater project,
11 p
articipants, supported by the Jobcenter Potsdam, turned to a basic element of the dramatic
world literacy ANTIGONE, by trying to get into the voices of pathos
of love, pain, entreaties and complaints, and to bring them into expression.

Faced with the civil war in which their two brothers have mutually assassinated each other,
Antigone takes a point of view. She does not defend the ruler, her uncle Kreon and the
law of the state he represents. She also does not go to the mountains to get to the
army of their brother in war against the state. She leaves her city at night and
goes to the battlefield, scattered a handful of dust and pours water over the body of her
dead brother, whose funeral Kreon refused. She performs a symbolic ritual,
which is ineffective against horror and violence, but expresses a deeply felt personal
necessity, and she paid with her live.

This is the act of theater: a kind of ritual that we connect with our deeply felt
"Self", with our personal strength and necessity.


The social impact of theatre -

... that I belong to because I am accepted.
Thus the words of a participant in this project in a group reflection about
the work process at ANTIGONE.

Theater and theater pedagogy encourages and exercises the creative forces in human being through the playful design of the basics of aesthetic-artistic perception and action, promotes to go beyond oneself.
Man is really man, where he plays. (Friedrich Schiller).
Day-to-day work on and with the role (body, breath, voice, speech and representation exercises) seeks the expressive power in human being and action. To be awakened are self-awareness and self-knowledge, which lead to self-confidence, ego-strength and a constructively shaping view of one's own biography and own abilities. Theater play demands and exercises teamwork: a holistic communication with itself, partners, group and environment. -
The ancient greek philosopher Aristoteles saw the essence of Greek tragedy in KATHARSIS: the cleansing/solving of social and mental nodes.