Social Theatre

a r t  i n  s o c i e t y .  

"One's own body works in the world like the heart in the organism."
Maurice Merleau Ponty

Theater productions presented here were created between 2012 and 2021:
Projects 01 - 05 and 08 - 10: Concept, Pedagogy, Direction, Text version: Dietmar Lenz.
Through the cities job centers / employment offices we ( found people who had not worked for a long period of time. People who nevertheless had the courage to jump into the discipline of daily theater rehearsals for six months. They faced the challenge of exploring characters/figures from world theatre literature. Day after day they practiced taking responsibility for their own creativity and becoming an ensemble.
For the two projects 06 and 07, Korean nurses were asked to face their almost 50-year-long life and work within an autobiographical theater research.


... to be connected with myself, with the other, with space ...

My work from 2012 to 2021 as theatre director and educator with amateurs and long-term unemployed people showed me how, by entering into the world with the tools of theater art, essential social as well as internal realities can be changed. People discover their own artist. A change and reorientation of the perception and experience of one's own - sensory awareness, breath, voice, movement, emotion, body-mind,  - as well as a reframing of the experiences and the shaping of relationships with others.
"One's own body works in the world like the heart in the organism."

"Pushed into wild paths..."
Summary of a participant in ANTIGONE in the northern Germany city Schwerin.
"Only in this project I was able to learn essential things that helped me out of my personal and biographical misery. Nowhere else I have been challenged so intensively and specifically. I was bumped into a completely new territory. Here I learned and discovered my deficits, insecurities, weaknesses and strengths (!). I was given the opportunity to try myself out and discover facets of myself I've never believed are parts of myself. Trust in myself, trust in my own voice, trust into my own emotions, my own movements, trust in my own actions, and openness to the world and to others were encouraged and nurtured.
Self-overcoming, mindfulness, getting involved, anticipation, team work - I was able to practice it here like I haven't for a long time."