I.P.A. _ Intercultural Performance Academy


The purpose of I.P.A. is to open up for the experience and performance of an intercultural language of theater and expression, to nourish an intuitive flow of creative energy beyond personal,
technical and cultural skills. The centre of our work is the intercultural flux.  
- „Fluxus welcomes whatever happens next“.  John Cage -    

The performer is seen as a navigator  enfolding a journey through a diversity of cultural forms, concepts, performative technics and Gestalten, in order to develope the „instrument“ of a subtle Body-Mind to arouse the specific awareness that we are, for a moment or two, alive in some unusually vivid way and to give it full play. Life becomes aware of life.  

„Play is a state in which meaning is flux, in which possibility thrives, in which versions multiply, in which the confines of what is real are blurred, buckled, broken. Play as endless transformation ...“  (Tim Etchells)

I am captivated by the fact that theatre furnishes tools, ways and alibis for incursions into the double geography : the one which surrounds me and that which I surround. On the one hand, the external world with its rules, vastness, incomprensible and seductive regions, evil and chaos; on the other, the inner world with its continents and oceans, its folds and fertile myteries.

What has the training of my actors been if not a bridge between these two extremes: the incursion (Eindringen) into the machine of the body, and an opening for the irruption (Einbruch) of an energy that shatters the limits of the body?
Theatre can be the craft (Handwerk) of incursion, a floating island of dissidence (Uneinigkeit), a clearing in the heart of the civilized world. On rare and privileged occasions, theatre is turbulent Disordre that rocks my familiar ways of living the space and time around me and, through bewilderment, compels me to discover another part of myself.
Eugenio Barba „Children of silence, reflections on forty yeras of Odin Theatet

"Let us work on the bridge,
which joins the physical and mental banks of the river of creative process."

Eugenio Barba

Some aspects of our work ...

grafic - Dance - Theatre


Geometry and motion are two irreducible properties in man ́s relation with his environment.

  • >  A line is energy
    Discovery of the vertical -, diagonal -, and the horizontal lines
    within the body-mind of the actor :
    their energy and their relations with the theatrical space.

  • >  The sense of the Gestalt
    Discovery of the sense of the Gestalt, which the
    the actor ́s instrument -his body-mind- creates, and the projection of this
    Gestalt into the theatrical space.

  • >  The Unbalance creates the Balance
    Discovery of the creative energy of the unbalance.

  • >  The feet of the imagination
    Discovery of the most important energy for acting : the energy of the ground.
    The feet are the eyes of the body in space.

  • >  Crossing of the cultures
    The Quest for the specific energy which arise by becoming conscious of that what is not identic inbetween different cultures.