Theater Salpuri



Theater Salpuri

... is a transcultural interdisciplinary laboratory of cultures 
within the fields of
theater, dance theater, storytelling and object theater, 
walkacts and installation, 

on stage, in different places, in public space.
Actors, dancers, scenographers, musicians and visual artists from different cultures
with different artistic and cultural background. The artistic aim is to create interferences
different art disciplines and cultures in highly differing ambiences which may result
in a new concept of theatre: A FORTH WORLD THEATRE.

Theatre Salpuri was founded 1994 in Berlin by the korean actress Soogi Kang and the german director Dietmar Lenz with the dance theatre performance "PIRI the cry of the soul", music by ISANG YUN: "Piri for oboe solo".

Different acting methods from EastAsia, Africa and Europe meet within the rehearsel process with actors/dancers from different nations. Today no longer seperate cultures do exist. What we see today is that in all existing medias a cross over of cultural forms technics and identities, traditional and modern, do happen. As artists we have to produce art which is rooted in changing cultural contexts. Old definitions of traditional and modern no longer seem useful today. The process of changing time forces us to de-contextualise: we artists learn how to journey from one into an other context: from „tradition“ to „modern“ from future into past from one culture into another from motion into e-motion from painting into dancing/acting from images into music from body to spirit to body. We may discover a specific energy which arises by becoming conscious of that what is not identic in-between different art forms and cultures!


THEATER SALPURI was supported by:

Berlin Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung, Kultur
Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin
Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin
Staaliche Museen Berlin
Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin
Deutsche Klassenlotterie
Kulturamt Neukölln
Kulturamt Kreuzberg
Kulturamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin
Kulturamt Treptow Berlin
Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln

Hardenberg Concept
Asien Pacific Wochen Berlin
Koreanisches Kulturzentrum Berlin
Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Overseas Korean Foundation

Botschaft der Republik Korea