"ALL MANKIND IS US."   Beckett, Waiting for Godot  


Intercultural Theater Labor

Today no longer seperate cultures do exist.
What we see nowadays is a cross-over of cultural themes, forms, techniques and identities -traditional and modern- in all existing medias. Old definitions of traditional and modern no longer seem useful today. As artists we are navigators through a diversity of cultures, cultural forms, concepts, performative technics and `Gestalten´. These transcultural processes force us to decontextualize: we artists learn how to travel from one to another context: from traditional to modern, from past to future and future to past, from one culture to another, from motion to emotion and vice versa, from painting to dancing/acting, from images to music, from body to spirit to body. And in doing so, we become aware of a distinctive energy which arises from generating a consciousness of what is the DIFFERENCE, what is not identic inbetween different art forms and cultures.


Nourishing life

"To call the own anthropological basic assumptions into question by relying on the cultural choices of other civilizations. (...) It is not a matter of maintaining a competence to be able to absorb more and more diversity, but rather to get down to the review of an unprecedented fundamental disturbance to which in our days alone art has shown itself capable by performing/presenting this whole game of options and articulations. (...) Today art shows how one has to move in the diversity of cultures in order to reinvent oneself by breaking with his atavism."
(François Jullien, Nourishing life)


"In place of a monochrome self enters a multi-colored self."
Byung-Chul Han: Hyperkulturalität