Dietmar Lenz


... after graduating from the artistic high school at the Herderschule Gießen Germany, Dietmar Lenz studied general and comparative literature and religion at the Freie Universität FU Berlin. Acting training followed at the Grotowski and Roy Hart School 'Voice and Movement' in Berlin, and at the École internationale de 'Théâtre Jacques Lecoq' Paris. Studies in contact dance with Christine Vilardo, Feldenkrais technique with Monika Pagneux, Tai Chi with Chia Fu Feng, improvisation with Katie Duck Amsterdam, modern dance with Carolyn Carlson Paris, and dramaturgy with Jan Kott were essential for his further artistic development as a director and acting teacher, as well as studies on 'Voice of Greek Tragedy' with Mirka Yemendzakis Athens, Qi-Gong with Dr. Qi Duan Li. His work as movement director and acting choreographer with the theatre directors David Mouchtar Samorai, Yossi Yzraely and Peter Stolzenberg at municipal theaters in Heidelberg, Basel and Frankfurt a.M., as well as the encounter with the korean actress Soogi Kang, shaped his artistic career.
His way of working is characterized by his directly physical SOMATIC EXPERIENCE EXPRESSION approach: the work on the coherence of body and mind, which follows the concept of AUTOPOIESIS
of the neurobiologists Maturana and Varela [“The tree of knowledge”, 1984], self-generation within/through the creative process.