The Tempest 

by William Shakespeare


Premiere:  17th  January 2013  in MAD HOUSE e.V. Sangerhausen

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Theatreproject "Jobact®to connect" in Sangerhausen im Südharz
with unemployed job seeking persons Hartz IV recipients in age from 23 to 50 years.

Directed by Dietmar Lenz
Text version Dietmar Lenz
Theatre Education Dietmar Lenz
Mask Soogi Kang
Costumes Ensemble
Light Sound Stage René Dilsner
Project Management Rena Schölzig, PROJEKTFABRIK
Application Management Melitta Simon, Werner Deutsch
Application Management PROJEKTFABRIK.gGMBH - JobAct®to connect
Project Financing JobCenter Mansfeld Südharz
Cooperation DAA Deutsche Angestellten Akademie Sangerhausen
Prospero Ute Wesemann
Alonso Fred Buchhorn
Gonzalo Daniel Hitzschke
Antonio David Hofmann
Sebastian Susanne Dzialoszynski
Miranda Alexandra Reinhardt, Katrin Schulter, Ulrike Trillhase, Nicole Wingen, Susanne Dzialoszynski
Ariel Anja Grzesik
Caliban Nicole Wingen
Ferdinand David Hofmann, Ulrike Trillhase, Sebastian Klenner
Stephano Sebastian Klenner
Bootsmann Sebastian Klenner
Kapitän Alexandra Reinhardt
Fotos Jens Warnke



‪"In one voyage ... did we find ... all of us ourselves‪

When no man was his own."‬‪        THE TEMPEST : V, 1, 212

”THE TEMPEST: a theater text, which represents a model of the world and how it turns; a stunt as well as a piece of art as enigmatic as real life. ‬A maelstrom of contradictions; on a feverish sultry island Human All Too Human is shaken all about to stray and to purify souls in their fire feverish dreams and transform .A storm leads a royal garrison to a shipwreck which completely alienates the participants from themselves. They stranded on an island where dreams, death and life are indistinguishable, only to have it end up the more clearly to find themselves. They fall into the scenes of a Director magician Prospero, who wants to act on the mind of those stranded by the means of theater to push them out of the "fever of the mad," the fever of madness in which they are commonplace. "We are the stuff of which dreams are made. Our little life is surrounded by sleep."‬  THE TEMPEST  : IV, 1, 156



“Whether this be‬
or be not, I´ll not swear.”   ‬  

THE TEMPEST : V, 1, 124