Hoe Shim _ sounding

Elements for Life

... bio_grafic_szenic_Performance

 (Hoe Shim = korean for: contemplation; literally : Hoe = circulate, Shim = mind.)

Premiere: 17th Oktober 2003 WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Berlin


Direction Dietmar Lenz
Text Soogi Kang, Dietmar Lenz
Stage Design Dietmar Lenz
Costume Design Pablo Alarcon
Light Design Dietmar Lenz, Angelo Teixeira
Singing, acting, dancing Soogi Kang
Acting, dancing Maria Gonzalez
Bettina Mainz
Percussion Dietmar Lenz
Fotos Dong-Ha Choe | www.dongha-choe.de  1.3.4b.6.8.10.
Ulli Schauen 2.4a.5.7.9.


Korea -  Germany

"Hoe_Shim _ sounding" ... traces the paths of a biography of a Korean actress from Korea to Europe, Berlin. The production "is sensing the sounds of two cultures within me as a woman, artist, and mother. It asks for female spirituality in a global world of techno-science. During my childhood I was surrounded by buddhist sutras, shamanistic chants and stories, told and sung by my mother and grandmothers. All these are sounding inside me. -  This production shows steps of my life: two very different grandmothers / a shamanistic healing ritual for my mother / my first love / the Korean MINJUNG liberation culture of the 1960s and 1970s / my attempts to liberate myself through performance and avantgarde theater in Seoul / an invitation as actress to Germany / OFF Theatre and love in West Berlin. 

This performance is a montage out of dreams, poetry, spiritual songs and elements of korean shamanistic rituals, rhythms, steps and dance moves from Korea. - 
Who am I in between these two cultures?
How does the past sound within the today?"

This bio_grafic_szenic_Performance separates biografical layers, deterritorializes them, is expanding boundaries. An intercultural korean biography is played by three actors from different cultures: Korea, Cuba, Germany. How is the OWN sounding within the OTHER? How does the FOREIGN is sounding within the FAMILIAR?

Central in the process was the uncovering of transparencies: how can I sense/explore/discover the Other within me? How can I discover myself within the Other?

TRANSPARENCY instead of polarization between inclusion and exclusion.
TRANSPARENCY instead of opposition of foreign and familiar.
TRANSPARENCY instead of dichotomy of spirit and body.

Supported by: Berliner Senat for Science, Research and Culture Berlin 2003,
Dezentraler Kulturrat Berlin Schöneberg, WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Berlin