The Crane Maiden



The Crane Maiden

A Solo in Acting, Dance und Singing
in german and korean language
based on an eastasian fairytale

Premiere: 4th. Dezember 1994 
Freies Schauspiel Berlin


Director, text Dietmar Lenz
Music collage Hwang-Byung-Ki
Costumes Yoshio Yabara
Painting H. Hoffmann de Vere
Old woman, maiden, crane bird Soogi Kang
Fotos Helga Golz
Klaus Rabien

120 performances ...


Auspicious bird - with its flapping wings the crane heralds the dawn. Long ago, high in the mountains, there lived an old woman. She was very poor. On a cold winter morning she made her way to the village to sell firewood. There she hears a noise in the winter silence as if a bird is beating with its wings. Soon the old woman discovers a crane captured in a net. Carefully she released the crane and the bird flew into the clear winter sky. On the evening of the following day the old woman is visited by a mysterious girl, who ...

Supported by: Kulturamt Neukölln, dezentrale Kulturarbeit 1995
thanks to
Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin, Theaterforum Kreuzberg Berlin, Dr. Klock, Nina Korn.